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Greetings Colleagues & Friends,

Hi everyone, I'm Lorri Rowlandson.   My day job is Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at BGIS, but I spend a lot of my extracurricular interests helping to further inspire our profession and assisting the amazing people in our industry. 

My career has centered on tackling a wide variety of corporate real estate and expense management solutions. 

I work hard at cultivating a reputation for strategic thought leadership, developing strong relationships and delivering results.  I am particularly passionate about mentoring and personal development, especially for women in the CRE profession. I love ‘solving’ and creating high performing teams. 


I have had the pleasure of participating as a keynote speaker for many associations and organizations, and I am very fortunate to have 25,000+ followers across various social media.   If you are not already part of our tribe of professionals, please connect with me on Linked in or join my newsletter (it’s free).

My 20+ years’ work experience includes both corporate real estate and outsourcing. Executive experience includes oversight of product lines, key client accounts, and high profile C-Suite strategic initiatives.


My business experience includes subjects like Workplace Strategy, Technology at Work, Sustainability, Transactions and a wide variety of CRE leadership topics, including organizational design and value engineering, change management and employee experience programs. You name it – any topic around Corporate Real Estate - I’ve probably done it.


I am also a total nerd – I love disruption, innovation and technology and I’m fascinated how to help clients make practical and informed steps towards achieving progress.


I also believe in being a good human, and love building high performing teams.   The nicest compliment I've ever received was   “You like to have fun while you get things DONE”.


I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you in person someday.

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