• Lorri

10 Alexa Skills To Help Boost Your Productivity

Are you one of 100 million people worldwide using Alexa to manage your smart devices? Want to get more out of Alexa than streaming music and ordering stuff online?

There are over 70,000 apps from 3rd party developers in the Alexa Skills store that can teach your Alexa to do everything from talk like a pirate to manage your calendar. If you're looking to make better use of Alexa in your work life, you're in luck! I've sifted through more than 2000 offerings in the Productivity section of the Alexa Skills store to find the most promising apps for use at work. This was no small feat! The productivity section of the Alexa Skills store is unfortunately overrun by apps to teach Alexa to make farting noises (I’m not kidding) and other inappropriate trivial things which are not particularly useful at work. I've weeded those out to find the most useful work apps available – you're welcome!