• Lorri

3 Suggestions for Dealing with Difficult People at Work

Recently, a friend of mine asked about how I deal with managing difficult people. I know that probably feels like a big question to answer, but I actually think the secret to dealing with this very common challenge boils down to one simple principle: Respect. Here are 3 ways to illustrate how I show respect to employees and colleagues when dealing with difficult employees:

1. My philosophy is that everyone has a different work "superpower." Sometimes, an employee isn't the right fit for the role their in but may excel elsewhere within the company. By looking for a position that the employee will be better suited towards, you're respecting their strengths and putting them to best use - a win/win for everyone. However, don't "pass the trash," or in other words, don't just pass along a problem that someone else will have to deal with. Have the courage to terminate the employee vs recycling to another department if they aren't a good performer.