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AI Robotics Hits Prime Time

Hi everyone - here is some fun for your weekend! 

I just had to share this clip from the Tonight Show featuring some entertaining robot stars! In this segment, you’ll see a dog-like robot called the Mini Cheetah do back flips, a bizarre robot backpack called the Tomaton that exists solely to feed you tomatoes on the run, and my personal favorite, Sophia, the world’s best-known robot ambassador.

While I question the value of having a robot that feeds you tomatoes while jogging, it’s undeniable that robots and AI continue to reach astonishing levels of sophistication and usefulness. Hanson Robotics’ Sophia - a social humanoid robot - uses AI, visual data processing and facial recognition technology to imitate human gestures, facial expressions and have conversations.


Sophia was originally designed to be a companion to the elderly;  she learns and becomes more sophisticated with every new human interaction. While some have criticized Sophia as a ‘chatbot with a face,’ she has evolved considerably in a short period of time, and I, for one, am going to keep a keen eye on her progress. I won’t be surprised when, in a few years time, Sophia emerges with further refined facial expressions, faster intuitive conversational abilities, and more human-like physical gestures. And please, someone give this woman some hair! Considering Sophia was modeled after Audrey Hepburn, the least her creators can do is give her a sophisticated up-do.

Check out the video below to watch Sophia answer interview questions at the 2017 Future Investment Institute panel in Saudi Arabia.

I hope you will enjoy this light-hearted video featuring the future of innovation.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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