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Guest Appearance: The Facility Management Innovators Podcast

Recently, I had the pleasure of appearing on The Facility Management Innovators Podcast with host Mike Petrusky. In this episode, I talked with Mike about disruptive technologies and the ways industry professionals can embrace change while incorporating new tools into their businesses. I was able to relate some of my vision for the future workplace and the role that predictive analytics and business intelligence will play as facility managers use data in new ways. Mike and I talked about the need to collaborate across departments when managing cost, risk and quality, while also enabling enhanced workplace experiences and seeking to improve productivity. We also had the opportunity to swap stories from IFMA's World Workplace and the CoreNet Global Summit and discuss the “blurring of lines” in companies today. I got to touch on the importance of emotional intelligence in high performing cultures and agree that we must balance the implementation of technology with an understanding of the human side in the workplace. I happily shared with Mike my appreciation of Seth Godin books and I was duly impressed by Mike's *spot on*impersonation of Canadian rock band "Rush" ! Thanks very much Mike, it was a pleasure appearing on your show!

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