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Predicting the 5 Biggest Disruptions in CRE: a discussion with Mike Petrusky

It's always a delight when I have the opportunity to talk to Mike Petrusky of the Workplace Innovator podcast. On June 28, I had the pleasure of being a guest on Mike's webinar, "Disruption in CRE: Practical Innovation & Predictions for the Next Five Years". If you're one of many who tuned in and asked questions, thank you! The discussion was lively, covering technologies and topics that I feel are the biggest game changers facing our industry today. Mike also seems to have an affinity for Canadian bands (although I refused to do my Geddy Lee impersonation). Mike distilled it all into a 20 minute podcast, where you can hear the 'highlight reel' from the webinar and learn what my predictions are for disruption in CRE over the next five years. Have a listen and tell me what you think! I'm interested to know if you think my predictions are on the mark.


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